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Previous clients have seen huge success such as the Lime Bar Cafe who saw in increase of 48% facebook likes and a rise of 104% in social media engagement all translating to more money going through the till.

A Christmas Slay, the first feature film by Kent Independent Film was fully funded via indiegogo though a campaign relying on spreading the message through social media and a simple website where people could easily find out more.

Hellfire Film festival awes audiences every month with their intro sequences and has had over 2700 film submissions from 139 countries. Hellfire is still continuing to grow and immerses itself in numerous other community events.

We have a history of helping our clients to grow through video, social media and through various branding solutions.

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Traditional advertising contains TV, Print and Radio whilst digital advertising features celebrity influencers such as YouTubers, bloggers and the famous faces gracing our screens.


Consumers often consider a brand before making a purchase, 60% of purchasing decisions are made before your customer even contacts you, making it more important than ever to have a strong brand presence.


Businesses like yours, who invest heavily in design throughout their business typically see a turnover increase of £225 for every £100 spent.


Search engine optimization is a key element on your website, and it goes beyond keywords and deep into how friendly and usable your website is to find exactly what the customer wants to find.

Reaching the top spot on a search engine means you’re getting 33% click-through rates and the potential to sell more to your customers.

Social Media Marketing

Your customers use social media, and so should you. Social media increases your brand awareness and can provide a 45% return on your investment on targeted adverts and organic content.
Social media also benefits from greater levels of engagement than other forms of connecting with your brand.

Video Services

Videos are an amazing tool for your business, demonstrating how your product works and benefits your customer. A video is also more conversational and can have a more personal feel. Utilising video your customers are 64% more likely to purchase the product than if presented with a photograph alone.

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