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The Case Against PPC and how to make it work for your business

Pay Per Click (PPC) sounds like the perfect advertising solution, you get high-quality click-throughs (CTR), but is the effort really worth it. You’ll be guided through the pitfalls and how simple changes can help you make more bang for your buck. From the consumers perspective A recent purchase of mine a simple 1940’s styled dress, […]

Advertising Your Brand

Brands, they are all about the buzz, being on point, being trendy and forward thinking. Some like to get up right to your face and scream out their arrival, whilst others just simply want you to find them. So as a brand how should you reach your target market? Advertise too harshly you face putting […]

Creating Your Brand Ethos

Every business has a brand even if you start with the intention of never creating one, and developing your brand all boils down to how every activity of your business is conducted from your social media right through to how you treat your employees and clients. What message do you give your employees and clients […]

Traditional Advertising Isn’t Dead

A lot has been said over the past few years about how Social Media has become the go-to place for advertising. While this may be true for various reasons you cannot underestimate the power that traditional advertising still holds. In our last blog post we said how Twitter, along with Facebook, is an essential tool […]

Why Your Business Needs Twitter

One of the first things we ask a client when they want to take their business to the next level is “What is your social media presence like?”. The reason we ask this question is because in this era when everyone and everything is online it would be foolhardy not to harness the powers of […]