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Brands, they are all about the buzz, being on point, being trendy and forward thinking. Some like to get up right to your face and scream out their arrival, whilst others just simply want you to find them.

So as a brand how should you reach your target market? Advertise too harshly you face putting off your customer base, be too quiet and you may never have a customer. It’s a delicate balance.

This delicate balance is not just the perfect ratio of excitement versus shyness. Instead, this all-important ratio is determined by your positioning of your brand.

Would you buy a Harley Davidson if their advertising campaign showed business people pushing papers round the office, or would you become invested in their brand if they showed a business person removing their suit revealing a tattooed person who is far from what you expected.

The brand positioning of Harley Davidson tells us they are rebels. They have an edge an unpredictable notion surrounding them. Cleverly they have placed themselves into the perfect setting of the outlaw.

Could you imagine watching sons of anarchy and the biker gang riding Honda’s or Yamaha’s? Would it work? Probably not as both Yamaha and Honda are viewed as the safe motorbikes, or the racing bikes where being a rebel is unimportant.

And yet Harley Davidson plays by the rules, they play by the rules of advertising, they don’t try to advertise themselves based upon the positioning of family friendly, that would be a little strange. It would also alienate their core market which would be detrimental to their company.

Granted the Harley has the advantages of being a beautiful motor, it’s expensive too and some owners are probably corporate business owners or executives, they have a family to support but theses customers also want to keep that rebellious edge.

Harley Davidson know the importance of being consistent in the way they market their brand.

Coca-cola know the importance of being timeless. The arrival of the Christmas season is announced with the coca-cola truck advert which has remained the same for many years with only few minor changes to modernise in such a slight way.

The same can also be said for their adverts which surround themselves with the bringing together of culture, of friends and family. Coca-cola has ingrained itself in our society. Going beyond the brand name into the core of the language. Vodka and cola doesn’t have the same ring as vodka and coke.

Every year comparisons are drawn between Pepsi and coca-cola, after all they make the same drink, coca-cola, however, has a larger market share due to being timeless and maintaining their campaigns which centre around the experience of friends, family and even stranger joking together.

Pepsi largely uses pop culture to advertise their product, they have a constant need to change, swapping from the sports star to the singers to attempting to create the same experience as coca-cola. Sorry Pepsi coca-cola only managed to become so strong because their branding is timeless, it doesn’t change, it doesn’t need to.

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